Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Shaun posted a poll yesterday, asking the question "Are you an American or a Christian first?" It didn't take much thought before I answered "Christian," but 5 out of 108 people did answer "American." One was honest enough to post some reasoning for that answer in her comments on the original post.

He followed up today with "I Don't Think That Word Means What You Think It Means," in which he expounds a bit of his thinking behind the poll. He does an excellent job of highlighting the issue of defining the words "American" and "Christian" (and even "first"). Many Americans today do have the wrong attitude toward this question. While patriotism and pride for our nation's glorious heritage and the immense sacrifice of those who instituted and protect America still bring tears to my eyes, I am still a citizen of heaven above all. Perhaps if the truth that spiritual reality supercedes physical reality was real to me, then I'd have less trouble seeing myself as a citizen of the Kingdom. That's hard, just like seeing spiritual warfare is hard.

Anyway, I thought the discussion over at Shlog was worthy of note, so jump on over and join in, if you will.