Monday, August 14, 2006

Tossing in a blanket

Don't ask how I came across it, because I really don't know. But there's an actual movie in the IMDb called "Tossing a N****r in a Blanket." It's apparently an adventure film. But the top-rated user review, obviously influenced by "Snakes on a Plane," was what had me rolling:
Part of the American Mutoscope series of tossing-things-in-a-blanket films, this easily ranks as the best. Not a part of the early "race" films made by and for black audiences, it marks Mutoscope as unique for its early use of black actors, with male lead ... being tossed rigorously and repeatedly in a blanket by a variety of supporting players....

Much better than Mutoscope's "Tossing a Snake in a Blanket" (1897) or the disastrous "Tossing a Snake in a Blanket, a Revisitation" (also 1897), which ended with the snake sliding out of the blanket and slithering under a shed (incidentally, this is the same snake, called "Lucky," used in the production of the Wright Brothers' silent film "Tossing a Snake out of a Plane" - American Mutoscope, 1904).

Avoid the awful "Tossing a Pig in a Blanket," a Mueck Brothers' satire of the tossing-things-in-a-blanket genre that merely features two mustachioed men playing catch with a wiener wrapped in biscuit dough.

Accompanied by an original score by Scott Joplin, altho the "Toss That (Negro) Rag" is among his lesser works.
Movie page and full review here.