Saturday, August 12, 2006

Can tonight get any stranger?

I don't know what's going on with me tonight. Really. Allow me to elaborate.

I have things to do. I'm not running out anytime soon, either, what with moving less than a week from now. But I finished one task tonight and wasn't motivated to clean up or move on to the next. That's not me.

So I signed onto Facebook and MySpace, just to obsessively check messages and comments. There were a few, so I dispatched them rather quickly. Then a friend's bulletin asked me to post a memory, so I did so. She messaged me on Google, and I realized that I really needed to talk to someone. I haven't felt that need for almost a year, so that was odd.

I asked her for help with a little problem of mine. Last December, I got a letter (that doesn't happen often) from a girl (even less often) whom I know (much less often) but don't remember (statistically impossible). Perhaps it should be some comfort that the second sentence in the letter is "Remember me (Michelle)?" It's not. I mean, she obviously remembers me. Her casting of doubt on my remembrance of her is small consolation for the fact that I, in fact, couldn't distinguish her from Eve. And I don't even know Eve.

The gist of the letter goes something like this:
Hi, Jeffrey. I remember you and how to spell your name. We went to Awana camp together in 2001. I remembered and cared enough to write you. Merry Christmas, jerk. Write me back if you ever remember me. <3 Michelle
Okay, maybe I interpreted it slightly different from the way it was written...but you have to read between the lines.

So I dug into my Awana Scholarship Camp box for my stuff from camp in 2001. Lots of memories, but no Michelle. So at that point I'm even more nostalgic than before and still can't write this girl back.

So I shelved the letter yet again, and signed on AIM. I haven't been on AIM in quite a while. I really set myself up for intense melancholy tonight, didn't I? Anyway, I have been talking to a couple friends online for a while now. I don't do that often anymore, and it's nice to be in touch with someone. To my friends who were willing to talk, thanks. Now to meditate on Phantom of the Opera and King Lear and Death Cab for Cutie...


Blogger S. Morgan Pappas said...

I know exactly how you feel. That has happened to me before. Except I was at the store where some random person came up to me and was like "Morgan!!!" And I didn't know the person. They informed me that they knew me through Awana Scholarship camp. I didn't know them though. I guess that is the downfall of nametags!

6:38 PM, August 23, 2006  

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