Friday, September 22, 2006

Something old, something new

Can you feel the suspense rising? I have so many blogging irons in the fire, I can't decide what to post first. Believe me, they are all in progress and will eventually come. (Hugh's recent post slowed my blog-fitness testing engine a bit, though, with good reason.)

Prompted by the aforementioned blog, I dropped by Barnes & Noble on the way to computer science this morning to pick up something old. Well, I was inexpressibly disappointed when they had neither Augustine nor Pascal. What kind of bookstore is this? They have The Purpose Driven Life but not St. Augustine? (Should I really be this surprised? No matter...) So I ended up getting something less philosophical and more political in nature: The Federalist Papers. It's quite a tome, but I decided I could benefit from a bit of early American political thought. I also procured The Screwtape Letters, but it looks like I'll be getting my Pascal and Augustine on Amazon.

I'll start on the old and not-so-old as soon as I finish my current book and write its promised review.