Monday, April 23, 2007


I'm taking the mandatory health class here at Tech this semester (HPS 1040). There is an abundance of extra credit available, one of which opportunities required me to get a blood lipid profile. What this means to my health professor: Health Services takes some blood and returns to me readings relevant to my health and well-being. What this means to me: $20 for 2 points on my final grade—where else are you going to find points for ten bucks a pop? Either way, I found the results interesting and thought I'd share, for lack of a better subject about which to blog. (I'm working over some thoughts on that recent post on the beauty of Christ, though.) Here are the numbers:
Total Cholesterol: 133 mg/dl
HDL: 35 mg/dl
LDL: 92 mg/dl
Triglycerides: 33 mg/dl
These levels are pretty good, considering that less than 180 mg/dl total and less than 100 mg/dl LDL are considered optimal. Lower than 150 mg/dl triglycerides is normal. (Rubric here [pdf].)

My HDL should be higher, though. They say the best way to increase HDL levels is regular, aerobic exercise. Therefore, I have decided to resume my exercise plan. Early this semester, Tony and I would run for half an hour and do weight training for the balance of the hour in the afternoon on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This plan fell by the wayside around midterms, but I'm starting it back up this week. I called Tony, and right after my math class we'll be hitting up the CRC.

Referencing my cholesterol levels, I mentioned to Wes during health class that I "don't have much of the bad, but I don't have enough of the good." He said something about that being a good description of the average Christian in the church today. I think he's probably right—regardless, he's provided the spiritual segue of the day.

On the note of life improvements, I applied to work at the Starbucks in Tech Square today. A summer job this close to my classes will fit my schedule and provide much-needed cash for gas, petty cash, and a bit of funding for my leadership positions in the Veritas Forum and Campus Crusade. A couple of friends and brothers in Christ that I've met here work at this Starbucks, so it should be a good working environment. In addition, it's a good way to get more integrated into the Tech community and make some connections for the spread of the Kingdom. After all, we're in college: everyone needs coffee sometime, some daily!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey hey, lemme check my schedule but I might have an evening available this week. What's your schedule looking like Wed-Fri PMs and is that country cookin place still an option?

What were you saying about cholesterol?

9:50 PM, April 23, 2007  
Blogger Amy said...

Mm, Jeffrey as a barista! You shall be inebriated by caffeine for the rest of your college career.

12:20 AM, April 26, 2007  

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