Friday, April 13, 2007

Put some God in your Pod

Ted Slater over at the Boundless Line tipped me off to an awesome iPod addition: podBible. Essentially, Brendan Ross has put the entire ESV New Testament in easily navigable text files that can be stored in the iPod's Notes folder. All you have to do is enable disk usage for your Pod, copy the podBible files to the Notes folder, and eject the Pod. The New Testament is now in your Notes folder (that's Extras > Notes for those who haven't used iPod Notes before). Schweet.

Ross has tested the formatting on a 5th generation iPod Video and a 2nd generation Nano, and it looks good on my 4th generation iPod, as well (see the screenshot of my Pod at right). Go here to download and turn that heathen iPod into "The Holy MP3 Player of Salvation."


Blogger Kevin said...

Thanks for the tip! Since I can't get a Bible on my BlackBerry, this is the next best thing.

9:48 AM, April 13, 2007  

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