Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The 109th

John G. Roberts

Know anything about him? This guy, announced by President Bush last night as his pick to fill Sandra Day O'Connor's place on the Supreme Court and become the United States' 109th Supreme Court Associate Justice, has the potential to spark considerable debate over the next few weeks. The Senate may have a hard time confirming him, as he has a straight-laced Republican record. I have yet to do research necessary to ascertain his stance on abortion, gay marriage, and states' rights, but I know he is a Constitutional literalist and very conservative. His legal record is clean and impressive. He's argued 39 cases before the Supreme Court already (that's a lot, seeing as the court hears only about 100 every year).

I'll post more info on the man as it becomes available. Meanwhile, gear up, everyone. This could get ugly. If the Senate Democrats give us any grief about confirmation, we've got to push this guy through and let him start serving next session. But the fight is worth it--this man will be one of the nine voices that will shape our America and that of our children.