Thursday, April 27, 2006

Crowder and tragedy

Take a minute and read this interview from Christianity Today with David Crowder. He talks about the death of his friend and pastor from Waco, TX, and he explains a bit about A Collision and how it was created. He never ceases to amaze me musically and theologically, and his observations on death are particularly astute. And when it comes to the album,
CT: ...your closing lyric at the end of A Collision—"I'm just trying to make you sing."

DC: That's almost an apology. I know there are people wondering about the album—the styles, the interludes, and such. I'm acknowledging all the questions people may have. But that's the point of it all, trying to make you sing and think about what you believe.
This interview, and all of his music, certainly does that. If you're interested in how A Collision was born, he's got some background in there, too.

TB: David Crowder