Friday, April 14, 2006

A broken love

I haven't done any great thinking in order to give you a new blog post, but I will share with you a very profound thought process that David Crowder posted on his blog this past week. Food for thought to follow...
here’s how the voting works...members of the gma (gospel music association) receive a ballot and they vote. now i know, i know, there are certain questions and issues that arise when addressing awards specified for specific pieces of art. i’m with you, really i am. but i’ve had a lot that has transpired in my brief journey as a recording artist. such as autographs. you know it’s pretty odd to have someone walk up and wish for you to write your name on something so they can retain it. i used to have a diminutive number issues with this and i would proceed to take each encounter as an opportunity to communicate these issues and provoke an alteration to that particular individual’s view of celebrity. i would change the world one person at a time. it would be a revolution. but at some point in one of these exchanges it dawned on me that this act really is an exemplar of the reality that we merely don’t know how to love properly. these folks were merely expressing their appreciation in a manner that has been modeled to them over and over, their actions showing in a broken way, that something as simple as the music that we have composed and assembled has had some effect and meant a bit to them. maybe one day we’ll be able to love properly. until then i will gladly sign anything you’d wish for me to sign. i will smile and say thank you and wonder how in the world simple songs can come to mean so much to us. i view award shows in a similar light. simple affirmation.
Wow. Until we can learn to love properly. To digest that will require a bit more mulling over.


Anonymous Amy said...

*sigh* David Crowder is my hero.

1:12 PM, April 14, 2006  
Anonymous daniel said...

I think that is exactly the type of attitude Crowder was talking about there...

8:28 AM, April 17, 2006  

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