Friday, September 23, 2005


Okay, so Josh Googled his name and got two results...and I figured I'd see what I got. I have a bit more of a presence on the web, so my search yielded about 63 results. Yes, I know just posting this will skew search results eventually, here's what you can find out about me (or not) on the web, as of today:
  • Quite a few of my posts on Grace's blogs
  • My Xanga
  • My name in an obituary for Walter D. Witt, Sr. from March 2004--he's from Dinwiddie, VA, so probably related somehow, but I don't think this Jeffrey Stables is me
  • A link to this site on David's site (guiroo)
  • A PDF of the Cohoons' newsletter that lists my name as one of the recipients of the Awana Citation Award in 2004
  • Some site that says I entered some Virginia Motor Sport Club race in a VW Beetle (this page is no longer available)
  • Some kook who wrote stories and photographed Legos to illustrate them...apparently the stable boy is named Jeffrey Stables (not funny)
  • This site, of course
  • The AJC photo-article about the homeschool prom this year, which contains the phrase "Stopping for a moment of prayer are...former homeschooler Abi Yates 19, of Lawrenceville, and her Jeffrey Stables, 19, of Duluth..."
  • A post on John Lee's blog that mentions my name
  • Some Excel document that apparently contained sales information on some transaction, but is no longer available