Thursday, August 25, 2005


A few usability issues going on with this site:

  • David says it looks crappy or doesn't render at all (forget which) in Safari. Seeing as I have no testing platform for Safari, and it looks pretty crappy also in IE, I'm just going to stand by my little Mozilla statement at the end of the page. Someone with more time than I, please send Microsoft and Apple a memo asking them to render CSS correctly. (I think that's the problem with Safari; I know that's the problem with IE.)
  • Ditto for Internet Explorer.
  • Fonts: ah, yes, fonts. I have a font set here that I like. Problem is, most people don't have these fonts. (I haven't done any research, but can you get around that?) Anyway, it messed up my title, but I fixed that by reversing the changes. The set I'm trying to use is below. The ones that most people don't have, of course, are numbers 1 and 2. Lucida Sans works as a good substitute for body text. But the whole thing just doesn't look as good.
  1. Dungeon - title and post titles
  2. News Gothic MT - body text
  3. Georgia - blog summary in header
  4. Trebuchet MS - post date & time & permalink
  5. Arial Black - sidebar titles

Okay, that's it. I'm not sure why I felt the need to tell everyone that, but there ya go. I'm off to calc II.