Friday, April 01, 2005

The heresy continues...

Look how far our culture's gone. Just today, it was announced that major Christian leaders have agreed upon adding Oprah Winfrey to the Trinity. Here's the scoop:
...according to an astonishing new theological agreement hammered out by the world's major Christian denominations [...] Along with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the popular talk show host will be recognized as one person in the sacred and indivisible unity of the Godhead--or Quadhead, as the updated Trinity will now be called.
I can't believe people are actually going along with this! Check out the link in the title of this page, and let me know what you think.

Edit (04/02): April Fool's!


Anonymous Amy said...

HAHA!! are people really that...desperate???
sorry i know thats not funny but...there is some humor in there..."God the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and Oprah..."

12:33 AM, April 02, 2005  
Blogger Abi said...

you and your april fool's. *sigh* what am i gonna do with you?

10:29 PM, April 02, 2005  
Anonymous amy said...

it was april fools???????????? ohhh yeahhh!!
hmm...i missed that...

1:54 PM, April 03, 2005  
Blogger Abi said...

*twists Jeffrey's arm (gently since she already hurt him once this week)* time to post again....:)

11:35 PM, April 05, 2005  

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