Wednesday, March 30, 2005

List-Format Songs

I ran across this thread on LiveJournal. This is the newest craze, or so it seems. The idea is to take a song (preferably familiar to your audience) and convert it into list format. For example,
  • I address myself to:
    • little baby
  • My instructions to said addressee:
    • hush
    • don't you cry
  • I identify myself as:
    • Daddy
  • I promise to purchase for my addressee, in chronological order:
    1. mockingbird
    2. diamond ring
    3. looking glass
    4. billy goat
    5. cart + bull
  • Here follow the possible malfunctions of said purchased items, in corresponding chronological order (each of which, upon occurrence, shall cause me to purchase the next item on list):
    1. won't sing
    2. turns brass
    3. gets broke
    4. won't pull
    5. fall down
  • My final contingency plan, in the case of the occurrence of all aforementioned malfunctions, is:
    • to proclaim the following:
      • you'll still be the sweetest little baby in town
Isn't that fun? Now, everyone can post with their favorite list-format songs. Let the games begin! (Need ideas? Check out the link in the title of this post.)


Anonymous Amy said...

okay okay. i feel like a mean person so i am recanting our boycott and posting on your blog.*sigh* you win. post away.

10:43 PM, March 30, 2005  
Blogger Abi said...

haha....she has a bigger heart than i. ;) yeah...but i wouldn't go so far as to say you /win/...:D

interesting post...seen it before. ;)

10:47 PM, March 30, 2005  
Blogger Abi said...

hush little baby, don't you cry....daddy's gonna sing you a lullaby...*whines*

1:36 AM, March 31, 2005  
Blogger Abi said...

1:40 AM, April 01, 2005  
Blogger Jeffrey J. Stables said...

why should I? no one has even participated in this last post.

8:19 AM, April 01, 2005  
Blogger Abi said...

have i told you lately you're a party pooper? i don't have time to do that right now--but i will....eventually. i just wanted something new to read. :D

11:06 AM, April 01, 2005  
Blogger Jeffrey J. Stables said...

okay okay, I posted! just to keep you entertained. and yes I wanna see what you can do with the songlist thing...

11:38 AM, April 01, 2005  
Anonymous Amy said...

i sawwies...if i can figger it out i will try to do the song list thingy

12:31 AM, April 02, 2005  
Blogger Abi said...

I address myself to:
Santa Claus

My instructions to said addressee:

I want:
A hippopotamus

Why I want the extravagance:
For Christmas

That's all I got right now.

*pops online bubble wrap*


10:34 PM, April 02, 2005  
Blogger Jeffrey J. Stables said...

thanks Abi! at least someone participated...

you know, I think the original song in this post might have benefited from a flow chart diagram rather than a list...too many codependent events...


9:28 AM, April 06, 2005  
Blogger Abi said...

yeah, that could be. your blog gives me a headache (color scheme). :) my eyes are going nuts. then again, never mind. i just went to another site and it was the same. maybe it's the pollen.

"Pollen is sucking my blood."

10:15 AM, April 06, 2005  

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