Saturday, January 15, 2005

Home at last!

Abi's back!  Yay!  So, here's an illustration of this past week:

The star indicates Abi's (approximate) location, as well as the concepts of "fun," "vacation," and "a cruise to the Bahamas."  The star especially represents the spatial orientation of what I like to call "best friend."  On the other hand, the northeastern portion of the Georgia-shaped area about 800 miles to the north-northwest of the aforementioned star represents my location, as well as the traditional ideas of "school," "home," and "loneliness."  But it's all good now. 

Well, I had a few deep, philosophical plans for this post; but those have fallen by the wayside in the progression of this night.  So, I'll say that I'm heading to bed so that I'll be awake in church tomorrow...with Abi!  *grin*  That's reason enough to stay awake for any length of time, if you ask me.  Anyway, that, as well as piano, Awana, and homework, are my plans for the morrow.  Until then........just read my other posts.  You expect me to entertain you 24/7?