Thursday, January 13, 2005

Here we go a-blogging

Well, this is my first blog entry.  I've commented enough on the  Grace Fellowship of South Forsyth blogs, so I figured I'd start populating my own.  I am currently at school (Georgia Perimeter College, Lawrenceville campus), sitting in the Student Center between classes (public speaking & chemistry lab).  Speaking of chemistry, should I go to UGA or GT?  I could do science and music at UGA...but I could do chemistry/nuclear physics and comp sci at GT.  Any ideas?  I'm thinking and praying right now...and any input would be appreciated.  Well, it's off to the Grace blogs linked above while I'm gone!
Okay back...went to Chick-fil-A with some chemistry peeps.  It's raining quite profusely out there...going 35 on Lawrenceville-Suwanee is not out of the question.  Stopped by Abi's house...checked on the house and all.  Now, back at school and explaining chemistry to ppl in the hall.  "Intermolecular forces decrease with the increase of kinetic energy caused by heating."  Not that hard, right?  Like plasma...oh, never mind.

Well, almost time for class, and I've pretty much run out of time to to writing emails.  Oh!  One more thing...

Was carrying "Justification of God" by Piper into chem lab, since it's just the safety video the first class.  Anyway, I was there a few mins early and a guy commented on it.  He was in my lab class last year, but I hadn't talked to him much.  He asked what I was reading, I told him, and he said he wasn't familiar with the author...but he added that he was reading Isaiah and Corinthians himself.  He spoke very highly of the Bible, and it was cool to talk to him.  He took a look at the book and mentioned that he takes a mostly Calvinist position, as well.  He's also a 6-day creationist.  Seems to me that he's got a pretty Bible-based background...I'm looking forward to having him in my chemistry and lab classes this semester.

Okay, everyone stay safe in this weather, or out on the sea, wherever you may be.